Parenting indeed is the most challenging task and also covers major part of any couple’s life. So why not to focus on, how to raise kids and the challenges faced, what values and which way it should be passed on to next generations in order to make our own lives peaceful and worth living. We know, if our children are not raised well who is going to suffer at last? If they do not behave as parents want them to, than we are the first to scold or show disagreement but if instead of being ignorant or harsh, why not to try to understand their mindset and the kind of things they are going through and put things in front of them that could change the whole picture and bring best out of them, than whose at gain? Of course the child and ultimately parents. The most spoiled kids are usually the ones whose parents are generally busy in enjoying out with their friends at parties, business meetings or are much busy in making money. We should understand one simple thing that the child whether it is a kid or adult wants your time and not only money or else facilities, and time is the one which they don’t have to give to their kids, where is that money going to go that you have earned whole of your life? It is going to get wasted by your teenage son/ daughter on leisure things which are not even required and which should not be done. We know how to live as a reputed citizen than this is the most important task because at the end, this will matter otherwise whole that hard earned respect and money is of no use and thus gone.

Parenting is the most ignored and important task for any individual, we think they will rise on their own. Yes that have to, but we are talking about basic manners and discipline which is a parent responsibility to give to their child and let them figure out themselves how to earn for survival on their own. Remember one thing raising a child is actually investing and obviously if something happens of any kind to children, parents get most pain, so by nor nurturing them the way we should we are inviting that pain and unnecessary wastage of time and money and might adding permanent loss of any kind to our lives. The whole point is what goes around comes around. It is our laziness to small things which can become big and impact our life and later we can only blame.
We should find time out of our busy schedule and spend at least few hours with our children in a day or in a week and know what is going on with their lives, than only we can expect them to move on footsteps we want them to and become well-mannered citizens, as it works the same way with any living being in this world. In the families where father is going for job in the morning and coming late night and mother does not bother to talk to children and only cooks food for family, they even don’t know whether the tuition fee is reaching out to their children’s teacher or is being used somewhere else. Than their the problem lies, as parents expect the child to understand their family situation and study hard but on the other end something else is going on which can be dangerous in longer run. Now it’s not that child does not respect his/her parents but what they need to do is at least talk and have conversations with each other, for whom are we earning that money? What are the resources earned for, if we can’t find time for ourselves and our family? Break those communication barriers and discuss the issues going on in each other’s life at least once in a week just like we do with our friends and life partners etc.
Believe me, communication is the biggest solution to every problem in any kind of relationship. At least have guts to talk and discuss, here the point is talking to your own son and daughter. It’s little difficult to talk, I understand when it’s not clear what will be the reaction from other side but the way for better life for your kids. Try it 🙂
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